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I’m very happy to introduce the Blum Tool Co version of an infill plane. From the time I first developed my planes, I have had in mind that they would be a great candidate to make as infills. That is basically how I make the wooden versions. The sole and sides are joined, and then the center ‘infill’ is added. The only real difference now is that I am using an O-1,  1/4″ tool steel sole, and 3/16″ brass sides.

I am using mesquite for the infill. Not a traditional infill wood, but then mine is not a traditional infill plane. Mesquite seems like a perfect wood to use on the infill. You want a wood that has very low shrinkage and swelling. Mesquite nearly tops the chart in that category compared to any other wood in the world. It also has a very low shrinkage differential between the radial and tangential dimensions. I also think it is a beautiful wood and contrasts really nicely with the brass.

This combination makes one heck of a smoothing plane. If you like some extra mass, then this plane is for you. Here are the vital statistics: 10″ long, 2  1/4″ A-2 steel blade, 5 lbs, 2 oz. It has the same options as all the other Blum planes. Namely, 42° or 47° cut angles, straight frog or cambered frog, and a scraper frog can be substituted. It also comes with its own sharpening jig.

I plan on making more versions of my infills as time goes on. This smoother will be available with steel sides in the near future. The next size to make will be the 5 1/2.

When this plane is set up with a cambered frog, you can smooth boards with no plane tracks. You can set the chipbreak gap without moving any settings or removing any parts. You can sharpen the blade quickly using the supplied jig and never have to grind the blade. You can adjust the setting to a hairsbreath in just seconds. And you will have the mass to power through any board. It’s a heck of a plane.

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  1. Congratulations Gary, on a super looking infill! Can’t wait to try it, When are you bringing out the 5 1/2 infill because I will be your first order?


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