Welcome to my Blum Tools blog. I started this business in  May of 2007, so this  is the 10 year anniversary. I knew I had been putting off doing this blog, but man, 10 years sure went by fast.

I want to use  this space to inform people of all the happenings going on with Blum Tool Co, such as new products, products in development, usage, etc. However, I also envision it  being a place where you might hear a little story about some of the daily successes and travails of running a small business.  I have been a furniture- cabinetmaker now full time for 30 years, so while I don’t claim to know it all by any  stretch, I do have quite a bit of experience.  Woodworking that is. Writing and social media, not so much.

I love talking tools and woodworking, so maybe we can both learn a little something along the way. My thoughts and processes are usually not aligned with the ‘mainstream’, so be ready to hear a different perspective. Just look at my tools .


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